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Wednesday, November 3

November's bounty...

The early days of November are a gift. Each day we've been blessed with a clear blue sky and warming sunshine. Our busy harvest time is over...potatoes and onions are stored in the cellar, while jams, jellies, and pickles line the pantry shelves.
We enjoy the slower pace of autumn, lingering over these
glorious days.

And while the days are warm, the mornings are quite chilly.
It was 23 degrees this morning when I bundled up the kids and took them to school, and there's a forecast of snow for Friday morning. Most likely it will only be flurries; however,
I'm planning a warming soup and homemade bread
for dinner that night.

The flannel sheets were put on beds days ago...
ahhh, how wonderful they are to climb under on a frosty night. And how hard to climb out of of on a chilly morning!

November sets aside a day to give thanks. I read somewhere,
"Be glad of life," and so I am.

Giving thanks for...

-a blue-skied day filled with warm sunshine

-a woodpile, crackling fire, and family to share it with

-cozy flannel sheets, quilts  handmade & handed down,
  and little ones who love to snuggle

-health, family & good friends

-my time here to love and laugh, learn and grow, and enjoy the
  simple pleasures to be found in the everyday days of my life.

Life has a way of making the days pass quickly...too much to do, not enough time. However; let's set aside some quiet moments and pause...let's make every day a day of thanksgivng.
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