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Monday, October 25

October 24...happy anniversary!

My, oh my...
time flies when you're having fun!

(who are those young kids?!)

It was a happy weekend...
we wore ourselves out at a waterpark on Saturday, then whipped up our favorite foods at home for Sunday dinner.

And what's one of the best things to happen to us?
These sweet faces!

How's that saying go?
"All because two people fell in love."


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! Doesn't the time just fly - my goodness....love that hat. Where are you in the Midwest? Love your blog.

  2. Loving the wedding photo!!! Happy Anniversary to you :)

  3. What a beautiful couple you are. Happy Anniversary :)

  4. A striking couple! Happy Anniversary.

    Funny, I pictured you with dark hair too. : )


  5. Wow, you are so PRETTY! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie.... love the picture.

    (We'd all have a good laugh if I posted my 1978 wedding photo! My husband in his baby-blue disco tux with the ruffled shirt and me in my cotton eyelet wedding dress -- also with a mega ruffle. Wooooboy!)


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