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Tuesday, October 5

the last county fair...

I know autumn is at our doorstep when we make plans to go to our last county fair. And although we had to run between the raindrops, we had a wonderful time!

The huge train layout is always the number one stop...

followed closely by the fair food!
 The hamster balls were a big hit...

and this little girl was adorable showing her calf.
Now, these deep-fried treats might be good...
(has anyone tried them?)
and I know that's sour cream and a cherry tomato on top...
but this fair food needs a new name!
It was a great family day out, and we came home exhausted
and happy.

And now, after seeing all the animals, I really, reallly want some pygmy goats!

Does anyone have them, or have any advice to share?
(or, maybe more importantly, how to convince my husband?!)


  1. All I had to do was show my husband Food Inc, and now he wants all farm animals! I wish I'd known that two years ago....

    I have neve seen hamster balls...at least not one I could fit into; it does look like fun!

    At our fair, there were deep fried Mars bars but I wasn't willing to shell out for one without having a try of one first! I have a feeling an whole one would have left me feeling a little ill anyways.

    The herb weaving was fun! I had a little difficulty with the instructions, but don't worry, it was me; I'm a visual learner. My husband on the other hand isn't and he picked it up right away. He made one first and found that he wrapped the twine around the frame a little too tight. He was still happy with the outcome, but when it came time for my turn, we switched to a heavy nylon thread and left it loose and I was able let more of the herbs hang out naturally by only weaving them in a few rows and as I reached the last two rows, it did tighten up naturally. They're not quite as pretty as yours, but they're rustic looking and suit our farmhouse just nicely. Sure to be a conversation piece this weekend for our Thanksgiving guests and I think this will be an annual tradition. Also, I took your advice and put some flowers in for colour. The Russian Sage is blooming right now and it looks beautiful with the rest of the herbs. Thanks for a wonderful idea!


  2. Looks like a lot of fun. That little girl with the calf is just too cute and there is nothing better than fair food :) LOL

  3. You have to be from Ohio...I seen those Ohio State shirts in the little girl's picture showing her calf. Go Bucks! :)

  4. Fun post, Mary -- I posted pictures of the Kansas state fair hamster balls on my blog, too! I wanted to ride one but alas, I think I've inhaled two-or-three-zillion-too-many-deep-fried twinkies in my life to fit inside. Can't resist sweets, but even I draw the line at the Roast Beef Sundae.

    There's a farm near us that has DOZENS of pure white goats. It's on a hilly, curvy road and as I round the curve, I'm always struck by the sight of all those beautiful white goats on the big green hill. We have 37 acres but decrepit fencing; that's all that stops me from taking some home!

    I've put goats (and a donkey!) on my bucket list.


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