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Tuesday, October 19

a trip to Amish country...

Saturday we made a trip to Amish country. It was one of those perfect autumn days...a bright blue sky, trees at their peak of color, and lovely farms and scenery along the way.

After a terrific lunch (food is a must!), we found a great family farm to explore. This slide into a sandbox filled with corn kernels was a sure-fire hit!

The kids had a ball...and if you're wondering, why yes, we were shaking corn out of shoes, shirts, and shorts! 

Next we were off  to explore the corn maze. What an adventure!
To give you an idea of the detail, this is a sky view.

photo courtesy of Sharp Family Farm
We bravely ran inside...it's times like this when the kids are glad Daddy is a human GPS!

There were bridges built along the way with views of the
prettiest farms.

Next was a hayride (which, to be honest, was a bit fast and furious...being bounced over the edge was a definite possibility!)

And as the sun went down, a chill began to set in, so we warmed ourselves by a cozy fire.

On the way home, the kids quickly fell asleep.
To me, that's the sign of a good day spent making memories.


  1. I went to Amish country for the first time in August. I can't wait to go back!!!

  2. Beautiful pics of a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless


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