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Sunday, May 9

wishing you the happiest of Mothers' days!

I read this years ago and it has always stayed with me...

"Motherhood never ends, but childhood does. The magic years are unbelieveably  brief, and every day, that little girl or boy is changing, edging a little closer to the door.

Remember that the essence of parenting isn't in the milestones, but in the everyday moments. So stop, pay attention, and make sure you celebrate them every chance you get."
- Unknown


jamjar said...

Just found your blog and became a follower. Your photos are delightful!!

Rine Family said...

Mary, Loved your talk on Mother's Day! I would have loved growing up with a mother like you! You make Childhood such a special and wonderful time.. I'm so glad God made such a special mother as you! your such an expample to us all.. love you!

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