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Monday, May 24

this is why...

my sweet hubby built cold frames,

we visit the farmers' market on the town square,

and we planted a kitchen garden.

So, Sweet Girl and I decided if we're gonna do all that "work",
we might as well make it a lot more fun and wear cute boots!


  1. I agree 100%. A girl has got to have some cute boots for the garden work. Where'd ya get them..
    I have large calves and the strap looks handy for that.
    btw..those veggies look so good..
    have you posted pics of the cold frames?
    I love your blog, did you try to make it bigger...it's so easy you won't believe it...

  2. Cute indeed and I love your cold frame offerings. I do believe I've finally convinced the Artist the benefits of a cold frame. : )

    Be well ~Andrea~


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