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Tuesday, May 4


So, the kids find a pair of old boots in the barn...
what do they want to do with them?

I loved their idea and in no time at all the boots were filled with potting soil and hens & chicks. I remember a Design teacher telling me that you should have something in every room that makes you smile...I think that goes for the garden too!


  1. How creative and adorable! Something tells me I'd like to see more of Windy Meadows Farm!!

    All Creatures Great and Small...my mom has raved about these too. A must read this summer I believe. : )


  2. Perfect. I just bought some hens and chicks, and was trying to decide where to put them. I just happen to have an old straw hat, so I will figure out a way to put it in the garden, or back porch, with the hens and chicks planted in it! :) Love your idea.

    Came by from Andrea's blog. :)


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