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Friday, May 28

how do I take care of these roses?

These roses have been here for many, many years,
and they and I have battled for many, many years.

I have trimmed them, and cut them to the ground...
   they refused to bloom.
I have watered, fed, and pampered them...
   they refused to bloom.
On the rare occasion when they have bloomed (a mere 4 times)
   I have even swooned over them.
They are obviously not impressed with my efforts.

This week, to my utter amazement, I see buds forming, and as the week comes to an end, this is our reward...lovely deep red roses with a yellow center. Quickly, I search my mind...what had I done differently this year? Was it the heavy rainfall we've had this spring? Was it because I didn't cut them back? I haven't a clue.

However, if you can offer suggestions...I would greatly appreciate them. What kind of roses are they and how do I make them happy?

In the meantime, until I learn the secrets of growing roses, we will certainly enjoy them. Paired alongside fragrant peonies, they are absolutely delightful.


cupcake studio said...

Your peonies are sooooo fluffy & pretty! (The roses too, but I've no idea how to take care of those :)

Margaret said...

Rene says keep doing what you're doing, since they are gorgeous this year.

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