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Saturday, February 3

irises, cherry delight, & cola cake...

This year's Christmas was more somber in its celebration...while we kept up with our family traditions, there was something, or better yet someone, very absent from our day.

Someone who welcomed me into her family with open arms, someone who loved her grandchildren with a passion, was always genuinely interested in whatever we were doing, and someone more than happy to have us in her home as often and for as long as we wanted to be there. And before we left, always asked, "When can you come back?"


The news of a loved one's passing is never easy to hear... especially someone so kind and sweet. We recently received a card that said, "I pray that you cherish and hold tight to all the memories."

We will do just that...memories of beautiful irises lining the walkway by the old farmhouse and of delicious food from her kitchen...homemade potato salad, baked beans, cherry delight, and chocolaty cola cake. Memories of a roll top desk we admired that somehow found it's way to our door, and help buying our first "real" furniture. Just a few of the many ways she shared all that she had.

Now, these sweet memories help take the chill out of the winter winds, and yet, each December will most certainly awaken a mix of emotions. Yes, life is a series of memories...and now is the time to recall all the happy ones we've shared.

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