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Wednesday, February 28

dream a little dream...

Okay, this book is what started it all. A couple years ago our teenage daughter had to have it and my, oh my, now I'm hooked and the chase is on!

What? You haven't read this yet? Then stop right now and click here.

Look at it!

And so, two years later, the search continues. Our daughter would love to find a vintage camper for sleepovers with her friends...what wonderful memories would be made during her senior year of high school. Me? I would be happy on family adventures while the kids are still home...sigh, I feel time is short. Where to find a lovely little camper without mortgaging the farm?

Recently I started a Pinterest page of favorites to keep us motivated...ahhh, 
Eye. Candy. here.

For ages I've passed an adorable yellow Shasta...finally, I stopped and asked where she found such a beauty.

Do you know what she told me? 

Are you sitting down?

About 3 hours south of us, she discovered it in a field...being used for storage!
The owner sold it to her for $100!  EVERTHING WORKED PERFECTLY.


Do you see my face? 
Do you see me shaking my head in disbelief? 
Do you see my mouth open in sheer amazement?

Before I stumbled to the car in a fog, I made sure she had my number, just in case she wanted to part with it someday. (But truly, would you? I think not.)

So, maybe as a sign, I found these a couple weeks ago...about the cutest birdhouses I have ever seen!

And for only $8 at our local dollar store...

And this Christmas ornament found it's way home with us from a local craft store...

So on this sun-shiny, blue-skied Wednesday, I'm dreaming a little dream, crossing my fingers, and scouring the newspapers for a sweet little camper I'd name Maizy.


  1. Lovely post!
    A few years ago, we had the fortune of finding a little Boler from the early '70s. It has been lovely to have for summer days. Good luck finding 'Maisey'!

    1. Lucky you...Bolers are very pretty! I'm sure you've had wonderful adventures in it...what fun. Thanks for leaving a note...it's always fun to hear from someone new stopping by.

  2. ...I built a 'teardrop trailer' from plans in 1947 Popular Mechanics Magazine.

    1. That's terrific...what creative talent to tackle such a project!

  3. These little caravans are just so cute. Hope you find your dream abandoned somewhere and you can bring it to life too. $100 for a caravan what a bargain!!

    1. I know...can you imagine?! Thanks for the good wishes...I'm keeping my eyes open (and hoping for a fairy godmother!)


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