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Saturday, January 13

two little words...

Overnight temperatures plummeted and sleet fell...pair both of those with an icy blast of wind and this morning we found ourselves bundled up top-to-bottom as we stepped outside. And while definitely not stylish, we were warm...that's the rule for today!

A blanket of fresh snow created deep drifts in front of the barns, but, as always, they are unable to slow our happy, tail wagging Wishbone from trotting briskly around the yard to see what's happened overnight. But soon enough, even she decides it's best to get tucked into a cozy blanket and settle down for a nap.

I feel glad to be home...another log is tossed on the fire and I'm settling in with a cup of herbal tea to read a book given to me by the daughter of a dear friend...The Little House Book of Wisdom. This young lady, a high school freshman, has such a love of all things old; old ways, old books, old homes. Few young people are fortunate enough to have this sense of history...a respect for the past and a sure knowledge that the small and simple things make the sweetest memories. And did I mention she plays the fiddle too? (Oh, some may call it a violin, but not us!)

The gusty wind whistles, but inside, all is well. And those two little words?

Simply Blessed.

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