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Monday, February 19

Just for fun, a couple follow-up photos from last Monday's post. These murals are on the back of large old buildings in a nearby town...wouldn't it be amazing to see how the artists begin the process of these huge paintings?

Love this bike...it would be ideal for family outings!

And this photo shows a small-town canal.  Across the street from the mural is the best farmers' market! It's set in a brick, open-air building with overhead lights for gray market days, and ceiling fans to keep vendors and customers cool on hot summer days...brilliant!

What gifted artists!  There are two more murals near these, I'll share those next week. 

Happy Monday to all!

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  1. Those murals are extraordinary! I´m impressed.
    Those are true picture-postcard-murals!
    Can´t wait for next Monday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by...it's amazing what the artists can do! Now I've started looking around for even more!

  2. Very quaint murals, so country like. Once you get the mural fever you seem to see them everywhere. I think I never used to notice them before, now I spot them out of the corner of my eye. Thanks for participating.

    1. And thank you for giving us a spot to share the murals we find! It's been fun to see what murals others are discovering.


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