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Monday, March 5

Monday murals...

A quick post this morning...our family has been under the weather lately, and so with everyone off to work and school today, it's time to tidy up the farmhouse.

You know how it is when no one feels their best...there's lots of resting, reading in bed, movie watching in jammies, and early nights. Needless to say, the kitchen sink is greeting me with oodles of dishes and so that's where I'm headed...turning up my favorite music and diving in.

And because I've been having fun linking up with Mural Monday, I wanted to share another pretty mural from a neighboring town...this colorful railcar mural is next-door to a terrific science museum. Again, what talent...one day maybe I'll catch these paintings in-progress!

Happy Monday all!

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  1. ...a lovely bygone era!

  2. Replies
    1. It is cheery...one of the brightest ones I've seen!

  3. Beautiful mural, a great find Farmgirl. I've saved it to my Pinterest too.

    1. Thanks Sami...I believe there are a couple more nearby to share. You're right, once I start looking, I seem to find murals I've overlooked before!


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