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Monday, May 14

springtime iris...

This iris has a history all its own.

Each day when I drove to work, I'd pass an abandoned old homestead. Even though the house had been neglected for years, it was still full of 19th century character and charm. I used to drive by it and think, "With a little love, and yes, a lot of money, it could be such a pretty home once again." 

It had all those characteristics we don't see in newer homes...quaint zig-zag trim, a large beautifully carved front door, and a wide front porch that was just perfect for a row of rocking chairs. It sat on a
small hill, and I could see in my mind's eye the lovely views it must have offered the families that once lived there.

Then, while driving home one day, I could see black smoke in the distance. As I drove closer, I saw that the house I found so charming had been burned down. To me, this was just too sad. Didn't anyone want to claim it?

A few days later, I went by again, and on a whim pulled into the gravel drive. I stood there and looked around...nothing was left. However, in a corner of the yard, an iris was struggling to bloom. And yes, without thinking twice, I dug it up and brought it home with me. I felt like something of the homestead should remain and be cared for.

It's taken several years for the iris to bounce back, but this year, it seems in all its glory.


  1. Good for you. Some things must live on and your Iris is one on them.

  2. She is stunning. Quite a story comes along with her too. I wonder what she could tell if she could talk.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. This makes me so happy...to know that a little piece of that farmhouse continues on. Someone planted that iris once, and they too, I believe, would be smiling from ear to ear to know that planting was worth salvaging.


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