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Thursday, May 3

just for fun!

Life on the farm doesn't always mean cleaning the hen house, wondering if the latest frost harmed the fruit trees, asking myself if this is the year to become beekeepers, or tackling a seemingly endless to-do list.

Sometimes, something just plain FUN comes along on the farm!

This past weekend Sweet Girl had the opportunity to be in the high school musical, Seussical. There were so many characters needed, that auditions were held at the elementary schools. And so in January, thrilled to make the elementary cut, Sweet Girl began rehearsals.

The last few weeks most rehearsals were 4 hours, 4 nights a week. The days were long, and the mornings came much too early, but she was having a ball trying something new and loving every minute of it.

And so, here's our FUN...Sweet Girl, the tightrope walker in Seussical!

posing for a cast photo...

singing with the Circus...
with the sweet little Elephant Bird...

Now the makeup (which was beautifully done) did make Sweet Girl look a bit older...gulp.

And I did tell her..
"Now if anyone should ask,
tell them you are still in elementary school, 
and yes, you are tall for your age; 
however, you won't be dating for 5 more years, 
and then it will only be double dates!"

Sigh...what's a mom to do?

Mom worries aside, we all had a terrific time making sweet memories!

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