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Thursday, May 24

May in all its splendor...

Some country pleasures never seem to change. With the windows are open, the sweet scent of freshly-cut grass drifts in, a woodpecker can be heard in the big maples surrounding our front yard, and a cherry-red cardinal is perched on a windowsill.  Now that summer is on its way, we’re rediscovering the joys she brings with her.

I was gifted with a fountain for Mothers’ Day, and it seems many of the honeybees from a neighboring farm have found it irresistible. They too can be heard buzzing happily as they move from flower-to-flower, then pause to take a little drink. Tractors rumble in the fields, and peepers sing loudly each evening.

The farmer’s market is now open on our town square…what a joy each spring! Walkways are scattered with tables that are filled to overflowing. We can find vegetable plants for our gardens, home-baked pies, bags of crisp lettuce, plump red radishes, and bundles of green onions. A corner stand can be found selling farm-fresh eggs, honey, and the prettiest bouquets of wildflowers tucked inside Mason jars. The chatter of friends catching up and farmers giving tips on how to best prepare their just-picked produce is everywhere, as is the laughter of children as they play hide-and-seek between the large shade trees.

A continuous string of warm days here in the Midwest means we’re enjoying sun-dried sheets as well. It’s a simple pleasure to hang sheets and quilts on the clothesline and then watch them snapping smartly in the breeze. By early afternoon, they’ll be dry and brought indoors, then tonight, our family will sink into sheets that smell faintly of sunshine and clover…sure to bring pleasant dreams.

Our last frost date has officially passed, so today we’ll be planting tomatoes, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, squash, corn, and other family favorites. A visit to the local nursery found the kids choosing fragrant herbs to tuck into the fairy garden. Cinnamon basil, German thyme, spearmint, and apple mint will surround a little house, table & chairs, and a tire swing…all fairy-size, of course. Then we’ll wait, and if we are patient, maybe shimmering fairies will come to visit and stay for the summer.

This time of year we find so many things filling up our calendar…weddings, graduations, picnics, and school activities. Kids are looking forward to a summer of sleeping in, staying up late, chasing fireflies, and as much unplugged fun as we can have. Each day is honey-gold, full of anticipation, and will pass all too soon. Let’s enjoy every minute!


  1. Have yourself a very nice memorial weekend folks. Richard

  2. I agree. Summertime is full of wonderful family gatherings, friends coming together, lots of activity and all sorts of fun. All too soon it will come to an end and we will be back to the school grind. We must make every moment count and revel in every day.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead


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