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Friday, July 15

squeals of delight!

Our family has been at Cub Scout camp this week. While it's been a lot of work, it's also been an absolute ball and the kids have had a grand time!

Yesterday was a 3 mile hike...now, 3 miles isn't that long,
but this path (and I use that word very loosely) was absolutely "over the river, and through the woods." I was trying my hardest not to give in to the pain in my side, or the aching in my legs.

So this morning, when it was time for early-morning chores,
I hesitated...perhaps a bit more sleep. I certainly felt as if I'd earned it, after all, it's been a long week at camp.

But no, I pulled myself out of bed...the garden needed weeding before it was too hot. It didn't take long to weed and water, and soon I was heading to check the girls. On such a cool morning I knew they'll love a little fresh air.

When what to my surprise do I find?
This little beauty...our first egg!

Then I found 2 more!

Yes, there were squeals of delight! I called my husband, who was still on his way to work, because I was so excited!

Then, pacing back & forth, I waited 3 hours until the kids woke up. (I knew they were still exhausted from camp and needed their sleep this morning.)

Here's Sweet Girl holding 2 of the eggs,

and Little Man found a fourth one!

Looking at the size difference, maybe that one on the left will be
a "double-yolker" as the kids call them. We'll just have to wait
and see!

So it's a happy morning at Windy Meadows Farm...hoping it's a terrific Friday for you as well!


  1. How cool that was for you & the kids. Enjoy your weekend & your breakfast with your "first" eggs when you have it!!

  2. That first egg is so exciting! We are still keeping track here of each egg. My 6 year old has a running total...very exciting.

  3. Guess you are having eggs for dinner.

  4. Great blog! I love the country. Come visit me sometime! Laura

  5. So so 'eggciting!' - it's like a treasure hunt - my hens are slowing down, and I'm faced with the prospect of 'culling'. I'm not happy - but feed costs compared to the eggs we are getting from the old gals - makes for some VERY eggspensive eggs.

  6. Congratulations, this is what its all about isn't it?! The children must have been very excited and that must have been a long three hours!


  7. I can't wait for our chickens to start laying eggs. We have 7 of them and I'm thinking any day now...


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