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Sunday, July 24

glimpses of Pioneer Day...

Today we celebrate Pioneer Day, and we had a ball with the Primary kids at church. When they arrived they were assigned
to a handcart company and then trekked from place to place learning a little more about pioneer life.

First they played pioneer games...the tricky ox yoke puzzle had everyone truly puzzled, and Jacob's ladder fascinated them as they tried to figure out this terrific optical illusion. Outside there was cow roping (with a cow stand-in) and buffalo chip tossing
(not real chips, of course!)

They heard true stories of pioneer struggles and triumphs, the hardships of pulling a handcart along the trail, or being part of what seemed to be an endless wagon train. They made punched tin ornaments, dressed up in bonnets, aprons, and wide-brimmed hats, sampled beef jerky, made butter, and sang pioneer songs.

While we all had a great time, what I hope they'll leave with is
a greater respect, reverence, and gratitude for those men, women, and children who came before us.


  1. Sounds like a great family date!

  2. Wow Mary, those pics came out great and the music you chose was perfect. It was a great day wasn't it. Diana

  3. Thanks Diana, it WAS fun! The music is titled Bonaparte's Retreat...next year we'll teach them the Virginia Reel! -Mary

  4. glad to hear you had such a lovely day, sounds like everyone had lots of fun :)


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