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Wednesday, July 27

clever egg carrier...

I found this egg carrier in Amish country a few years ago. It holds 3 dozen eggs and I bought in in hopes of having chickens "someday."

Well, someday finally arrived and I'm tickled to dust it off and use it. Now yesterday's grand total was 5 eggs, so at this rate, I won't be filling it any time soon. It's still handy though to safely tote eggs back to the house.

Hmmm, my friend Ellen has many, many more hens than we do...maybe I can find one for her. I think I feel a trip to Amish country coming on!


  1. So cute! It would take a lot of chickens to fill that everyday! It would be cute to crack the bottoms out of the eggs as you use them, wash them really well, and then fill it up for dispaying somewhere.

  2. Very clever and heck it looks pretty just sitting by itself, eggs or not.


    PS. I love Christmas too and noticed some Christmas craft mags I put away in January. I really should be getting them out now, not in November! : )

  3. what a handy contraption! We have a large mennonite community near us, and I love to go visit (and eat!)

  4. That is the cutest egg carrier I have seen. I don't think our 'girls' would fill it very quickly either. Jacinta


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