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Friday, July 1

simple joys for July...

...find a hometown parade on Independence Day! Wave flags, stand as Old Glory passes by, and enjoy the celebration of our nation.

...gather friends & family for an old-fashioned picnic. Toss out a red checked tablecloth and fill it with all the favorites...golden fried chicken, creamy potato salad, icy watermelon, and homemade root beer.

...find a barn sale or flea market

...spread a blanket in the backyard and look up at the clouds...what shapes do you see? A simple childhood pleasure that never grows old.

...make ice cream, it's easier than you think!

...if you're traveling for a family vacation, pack a Surprise Bag. Filled with little surprise treats for kids to pull out along the way, it can make a long drive pass a bit quicker for the kids
(and parents!)

...find a farmers' market. You'll not only take home some wonderful fresh foods, but it's a terrific way to meet neighboring farmers.

....celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24! Kids still love old-fashioned games like an egg & spoon race along with a 3-legged or sack race and shadow tag. Cook outdoors (try some authentic pioneer recipes!) using a tripod or over the fire pit. Tell family stories, dance the Virginia Reel, laugh, take pictures, make memories.

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