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Wednesday, June 22

summertime discoveries...

The windows are up, the front doors are open, and the sweet scent of summer drifts in on a gentle breeze. The joyful scents of June...newly tilled earth in the garden and clover, are most welcome after last evening's heavy storms.

And while the rains were much-needed, they did make us pause and think twice about our picnic celebrating the longest day of the year. None-the-less, baskets were packed and sitting by the door as the rains fell, thunder pounded, and the weather radio sang out in the background.

As the storms became stronger and the sky darker, we pondered having a picnic in the family room...we've done that before and it's always been fun. Still, a peek of light to the west gave us a bit of hope, and we waited out the storms. Finally, by 8 p.m., we were in the car and heading to a picnic spot with a shelter house...just in case the storms returned.

And so was our summer solstice picnic...food, fun, and of course lots of puddles. Kids just can't seem to resist jumping in puddles. Those who have tagged along on our picnics when puddles are present know from first-hand experience it doesn't take long for kids to get wet & muddy. They ran, slid, jumped, climbed and soon were wet from top to bottom. A bit of a chilly breeze blew in and quickly they wrapped up in blankets and were in the car...time to head home.

So as today begins, I'm up and anticipating. Each day in June seems to bring something new. I've been fascinated watching the swallows rise, fall, then swoop across the yard, and then enjoyed settling in with the calm of evening that surrounds us. These simple pleasures are ours for the taking.

Let's enjoy every magical moment,
because June slips by too soon.
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