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Monday, June 13

clothespin jar...

Nothing starts my week off like a big load of laundry.
Seeing the lines filled with billowing clothes gives me an "everything's all right" feeling...another one of my favorite country pleasures.

Hanging laundry on a clothesline is easy and simple...
no dryer vent to clean, no buttons to push, no buzzers going off.
It gives me time to think. I'm sure I've solved the world's problems several times over while hanging clothes,
then folding them at day's end.

And the scent of sun-soaked sheets at bedtime...for me, there's no better way to sink into a peaceful night's sleep.

So, with all that said, let me share with you a handy-dandy,
ready-in-a-jiffy clothespin jar.

Begin by washing and drying a very large pickle jar.
A coat of rust-colored texture paint covers the writing on the lid, and a computer printed "Wash Day" tag (torn along the edges and lightly stained for an old look) is glued to the front of the jar.

Done...an oh-so tidy way to store those clothespins!
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