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Thursday, June 9

the dog days of spring?

What happened to the merry month of May? Where are
the breezy, sunny days we wish would never end?

Just for the record, 100 degrees is too hot for me...
that's what registered on the car thermometer as I brought the kids home from school yesterday.

This is before 7 a.m. and the heat seems to hang in the air.
  Our weather has changed from daily downpours and chilly temperatures (I actually put the flannel sheets back on in May!)  to blazing hot and humid. Dark clouds tease us with the promise of rain, but simply blow on by. Heavy rain in April and early May had so saturated the fields that temporary lakes formed and soon geese, along with seagulls, took up residence.

Finally, fields and yards began to dry out, and we were able to get our garden, berry bushes, and fruit trees planted. Now, with temperatures in the high 90's and no rain, it's time for hauling water and turning on sprinklers.

The corn in our field has grown quickly, but needs rain.
Hmmm, the up side to all this?

Well, if I'm gonna turn on sprinklers, that means we'll just have to run through them! Now that school is out, I'll have a couple more helpers who will be more than happy to water gardens and flowers...of course that means they'll "accidently" get wet!

Summer days slip away as quickly as sand through our fingers.  Yes, this year early June is very hot, but also ripe for inspiring daydreams, fun, and adventure. It's 7 a.m. and my watering for the day is done...when the kids are up, we'll put up the tent and start summer vacation off with a bang!

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