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Friday, June 3

flower tour around the farm...

A little tour of the flowers in bloom around the farmhouse...

I found these old tubs in the barn
and decided they needed a second life outdoors.

The kids' fairy garden
(complete with a tire swing!)

I'm so glad I captured this peony one morning...
later the same day, winds from a passing storm
had blown the petals away.

This old rose hadn't bloomed in ages, until last year.
Now, it's blooming again...I'm so thrilled!

The herb garden right outside our kitchen door.
It's so handy when I'm cooking, baking herb bread,
or making herbal vinegars at summer's end.

Old-fashioned peonies are one of my favorite flowers.
These plants were rescued from an old farmhouse
that was being torn down.

A shady spot near our front door.
 Thanks for stopping by...
happy Friday!
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