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Tuesday, April 13

merry days of spring...

April has proven to be dazzling this year...bright yellow daffodils, cherry red tulips, and fragrant hyacinths are tucked into a vase on the kitchen windowsill. Among the springtime flowers are yellow dandelions...picked by little hands and presented with love. While flowers to the young at heart, they are weeds to others. As a mother, these flowers will always be accepted and loved as gifts from the heart.

The farmers around us are tilling their fields and checking fences, while gardeners are raking flowerbeds and hoeing vegetable patches. My husband built cold frames last year and now they're filled with green shoots of lettuce, onions, carrots, and radishes. The kids spend their evenings laughing as they sway back and forth on tire swings, taking a quick break now and then to chase kittens across the yard.

Spring is a fine time for barn sales...I can hardly wait to visit the first one this weekend! It's always fun to see what some consider "junk" and then to be inspired by the clever way it's turned it into something amazing by someone else. I'm hoping to come home with lots of ideas...and maybe a trinket or two.

Even an early-morning April shower can't dampen our enthusiasm...our hearts are ready for this new season
as she races across the countryside!

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Jenny said...

I really enjoyed this post. Simple and fresh. Felt like spring.

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