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Monday, April 26

fairy garden...

I was recently asked about the fairy garden we created over spring break, so I thought I'd share a few photos.

We added tiny chairs and a watering can that were just the right size, and the kids arranged pieces of broken china for a walkway. The broken dishes continue to be a mystery...each year when we till our garden we find them, along with bits of colored glass.
Sweet Girl and I have always kept the pieces in a pantry jar because they are so pretty to look at.

We tucked in a pint-size wheelbarrow, bee skep, and a few
gardening tools.

When we were done, we set the garden under a greenhouse made from old windows (so the fairies would be sure to stay dry.) Notice the tire swing?

It makes me smile to see this every morning, and the kids love to check each day to see if the fairies have moved anything during the night!


Ginny said...

This is so cute. I too continue to find pottery and glass when I did in the gardens, and we have been in our house 22+ years, its amazing everytime it happens.

Unknown said...

What an adorable little garden. We've been thinking of doing something similar in the fall with pumpkins. I love the bee skep! : )


kris saia said...

LOVE this, Mary. Wish I had fairies... we only have evil elves that leave empty beercans on top of the tv and hide my carkeys.

Unknown said...

That fairy garden is about the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I have a good spot to put one.
thanks for sharing this great idea. I am your newest follower..
glenda@serendipity cottage

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