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Thursday, April 29


Of all the sweet customs of days gone by, the charming celebration of May Day is one I would love to see make a return.

My mother-in-law tells of when she was a child, and how her family would gather bouquets of wildflowers, then arrange them in baskets. Early on the morning of May 1st, they would sneak, ever so quietly, to a neighbor's door, hang a basket on the doorknob, knock and quickly run away to the next home. They loved seeing the puzzled looks on faces as neighbors wondered who had left the surprises.

For us, this old-fashioned custom continues. After breakfast, you'll find us secretly delivering baskets, then making a mad dash to hide. If we are caught, custom dicates we must scamper back for a thank you (and a kiss from Grandma!) And yes...while we're out, the May fairy always leaves a basket on our front door.

A simple pleasure...and while old-fashioned indeed, even today's modern families can create this sweet memory for their children, friends & neighbors. Why not begin celebrating May Day
in your home?

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