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Wednesday, April 7

April dreams...

April...this month is full of country pleasures. Birds are chattering, our magnolia tree is full of pink blossoms, and the sky is a cloudless sapphire blue. There's something wonderful about the scent of freshly mown grass...my husband loves it. In fact, the grass has been growing so quickly that he's mowed it twice already! We've packed away the heavy flannel sheets in favor of crisp cotton ones...ahhh, how wonderful they were to sink into last night.

Spring break has just ended for the kids, and while they were off, we visited a favorite historical site.

 I could easily live in this log cabin...

and would love to have taught school here.

We giggled our way through an egg hunt at Grammy's...

and locked up each other in the town "jail."

We went on a picnic, created a fairy garden, and visited a science museum. But of all the memories we made this Easter,
I'm guessing one in particular will rank among the top.

Warning: If an egg-coloring kit says it's spillproof, don't count on it. The memory of blue dye running all over the kitchen counter, down the cupboards, and onto the floor is sure to stay with us.
To quote Little Man, "It was a nightmare!"


  1. Gotta love the faces on the kids. I agree I could live in that house no problem. Have a great day.

  2. Sweet pictures and memories! We have some good memories of Roscoe Village as well.

  3. I would wager that there's a tiny bit of orneriness in those adorable kids of yours. Love that toothless grin... and the pouty lip on your little jailbird!
    So enjoying your blog... keep writing.

  4. I just happend to find you blog and I joined it, I love it. I know I could live in that beautiful log cabin!

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