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Thursday, September 9

favorite country things...

The wind is picking up and blowing across the fields surrounding the old farmhouse. Even though the weather is still warm, I can see it...that unmistakable glint of gold, you know it: a coppery glow that comes just before the sun sets. I can hear it...the rustling of drying field corn as the towering 8-foot tall stalks sway back and forth bumping into one another. The seasons are changing, and it's time to stack wood, put the garden to bed, and do all that needs "doing" before winter arrives. There's a cozy feeling that comes from knowing "all is well" before the snow flies and the temperatures drop.

However; before that snow flies, there's still much to do...and these cooler, breezy days with no humidity are perfect for trying to check off as many jobs as possible on my (seemingly endless) to-do list. 

And because I know wherever you are, your days are full, this post is short on words and instead filled with snapshots of our days on the farm.

Savor it all friends, the winding down of summer and preparing for autumn...gathering, harvesting, putting-by. Ahhh, the lingering days of summer's pleasures.   

Oh this one? Nah, it's not on the farm.
But wouldn't it be great pulling Maizy?
 A 1953 Packard...
I think I'd name her Lilly-Mae or Ida-Belle.

Must. Have. Vintage. Car.
Truck...I'm not picky!


Dicky Bird said...

Nice pictures. Oh, I see you do love that color. The truck in my blog post was an auction purchase 2 decades ago. It doesn't run, but it's nice yard art. Yes, the days are starting to feel more like fall.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Thanks for stopping by...what a great auction purchase, I'm jealous!

Prims By The Water said...

These are the days that the river gets foggy nd we hear the freighters sound their horn at every buoy. The days are getting shorter. The squirrels are hurriedly gathering their Winter's haul of food. Most forget where they stash their walnuts and we have trees sprout up in the Spring. The Bluejays are squawking louder and the trees are slowly turning. Soon it will be time for us humans to hibernate somewhat in our cozy homes. Janice

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Janice - beautifully said! I love fall the best, with everything else, I know it's coming when the sound of cicadas is overshadowed by crickets. I love that feeling of hibernating...Spring and Summer are such a frenzy of work, it's wonderful to settle in and rest. I could be snowed in November until March and be very happy!

Staci said...

It's all so beautiful! I just love spiderwebs. They absolutely amaze me and I have such appreciation for how much work it must take.

We've had leaves drying and falling from the trees for weeks now, even while it has still been humid and fairly warm. A bit strange. Around here the chickens are starting their molt, the chipmunks are scurrying and chirping obnoxiously at each other as the round out their stockpiles, the garden has switched from productive summer bounty to the starts of fall bounty, and we are coming to realize that we must get to work on the last of the outdoor to-do projects.

I soooooo want a vintage truck!! :)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Hi Staci, the garden is finally slowing down here...the tomatoes are still producing, but the vines are shriveling fast. This weeks goal - gather all the tomatoes and freeze them. Last year's Fuji apple tree had very few apples, this year it's loaded with branches bending to the ground. Yikes...I need to read up on ideas for storing them! Honestly, I'm ready to wrap it up...worn out from canning & freezing. And I agree...being the (crazy) list-maker that I am, I have way too much to do outdoors for the nice weeks remaining. Let's work together across the miles...I'll know you' re working like mad and you'll know that I am; maybe that will keep us motivated!

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