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Thursday, July 15

snapshots from the farm and a free find!

Like so many of you, we're finding the July days filled from beginning to end...there is much to be done. I remember hearing that having much to do is a simple country pleasure, and that's absolutely right...gardens to harvest & jams to make are paired with star-gazing & taking walks. Much to do, but so much to enjoy.

So today's post is short & sweet: a few snapshots of what you'd see if you stopped by for a visit. 

zinnias in the old stock tank

bee balm 6 feet tall!

a little afternoon lunch

trying my hand at a 4 Sisters garden

tedding in the field after the winter wheat harvest

And a story to share, just because it just makes me laugh! 

My daughter and I were out for a little drive and passed a "FREE" sign by some furniture. At first I drove by, then we both looked at each other and said, "Hey, that little table was nice."

And so we turned around, went back and found that little table was really a vintage heavy-duty White 651 sewing machine in a lovely wooden cabinet. The farmer came out, in the pouring rain, and offered to put it in the car for us. I'm so glad he did...it probably weighs 50-60 pounds!

I'm searching online for a manual and will then give her a little maintenance, but what a find; a true workhorse that lives up to the saying, "They don't make 'em like that anymore!"

My friend says every vintage item needs a name...Maizy is our 1963 camper, Mae our 1950 stove, I'm thinking maybe Fern for this 1956 sewing machine!


  1. Who would have thought that cabinet was a sewing machine at first sight. A beauty though. Guess its true when the say someone's trash is another ones treasure. Beautiful farm pics too! Janice

  2. Janice - Absolutely so true! And the top folds out 24-inches to the left to make a great sewing table...amazing. The farmer said they went to an auction and it was part of a bundle he bid on. Glad I grabbed it before the rain could do any damage...so excited to get it set up. Mary

  3. Hi Mary, here from Janice's Prims on the Water blog. I just love your "free" sewing machine! Fern is the perfect name for her. I love vintage sewing machines. I imagine you can find the manual online... Jan in MA

  4. Hi Janice, it's so nice of you to come by and comment! I'm anxious to give Fern a try once I find a manual. I've never seen a machine with a knee lever; and honestly, that doesn't seem as easy to use as a foot pedal. All new things to learn! Since you love vintage sewing machines, if you have any advice, you're certainly welcome to send ideas by way. Mary

  5. I adore Fern - the name and the machine. What a find! And I have to say that the bee balm photo with that amazing sky is just beautiful. July is indeed a busy month and it's hard to believe it's almost over! Have a wonderful week! :)

  6. Thanks Staci...the bee balm has been amazing this year. I've never seen it so tall. It must be all the rain...everything seems gigantic this summer. And while I'm no fabulous seamstress, I'm anxious to get Fern stitching. She may just inspire me to do more.

    I'm sure you're busy...canning, gardening, creating; where did the month go? Enjoy the rest of your week too!

  7. Hi Mary, have you gotten Fern to run? Are you getting used to the knee control? I learned to sew on a pretty old Singer and it had the knee control, I liked it at the time. It just takes getting used to. I hope you found a manual. I was trying to think what advice to give, I'm not an expert by any means, I just like collecting and using the old machines, haha! I have newish Bernina machines, two of those. A Necchi that isn't running yet, and three older Singers. So, the thing that I've been most surprised at is how often I've had to oil the machines when I'm using them. And I've learned to grease the gears occasionally too. The manual will tell you how often. Enjoy reading about your gardens! My newly planted bee balm is only about ten inches tall! Love reading about your six foot tall plants...gives me hope. Jan in MA

  8. Hi Janice, please share any advice you have! I haven't tinkered with Fern...I think that's a winter project. There is a sewing machine shop in town that may be able to get the knee control working...it seems so odd to me, but good to hear you liked it. Someone did tell me there is a hidden place to insert a foot pedal, so I may do that. It's good to know about oiling...I'll keep that in mind...what kind do you recommend on these vintage machines? With all your machines, you have lots of knowledge to share; thanks! Mary


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