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Monday, July 5

seasons on the farm...

In our part of the Midwest, we enjoyed an amazingly cool and rainy spring...

rain during the day...rain at night.

That rain must be the secret, because our perennials have never been taller...bee balm is over 5 feet tall almost blocking the coop door, and there was no need to buy the old fencing to help "hide" the heat pump...the perennial sunflowers and rudbeckia hortensia are 6 feet tall. 

But now that it's July, we've finally settled into summer and the humidity is taking over...gone are my ideal temperatures of 65-70 degrees. Luckily, a pair of springy chairs, tucked in the shadows of our large maples, make a good spot to rest between outdoor chores. Weeding and watering are done early in whatever shade and cool might be found in the morning...and I use the word "cool" very loosely.

To me, these snapshots just say "HOT"...

Back inside, in an attempt to beat the heat, canning continues with red raspberry, and black raspberry jam, along with applesauce. I'm looking forward to blackberries, blueberries, and peaches! I may even try some hot pepper jam this year...does anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share?

So with flowers blooming, 

the grill in use, 

and the garden in, 

it's a blessing when the moon brings a coolness to the heat of day,
over the coop,

and over the fields.

And as the old hymn says,

"All is well, all is well..."


  1. Beautiful photos of summer. Love your sweet spigot and watering can.

  2. Thanks Laurie! I found the spigot ages ago and hubby made a birdhouse-style stand to hold it. We're definitely heading toward the dog days of summer, and I've been known to put my head under that spigot many times to cool off!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Yes, the good ol' humidity has come on strong here as well. It's wonderful to be blessed with so much rain it's just too bad that it comes with so much humidity. :) Our new flowers that I put in this year are doing great and it's nice to not have to remember to water them!

    We've been canning outdoors in our make-do outdoor kitchen. My hope is that we can make a real outdoor kitchen in the next few years. Nothing fancy, just something with a bit more counter space. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Staci - agreed, the weather is so uncertain lately. Today is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, and the thunder in the night rattled the house windows...I'm not sure I've heard it so loud. Glad to wake up to find all was well outside...no trees down, no damage.

    Canning outdoors is a great idea...do you fill jars inside and then take everything outdoors? I love your idea, canning heats up the kitchen so much (and it's a mess, at least for me)...I've thought for ages how great it would be to have an old-fashioned summer kitchen!

    Enjoy your weekend, too!


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