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Saturday, March 17

Irish festival...

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm sharing a few snapshots from our visit to the Dublin Irish Festival last summer...what fun!  We'll definitely be going back again this coming summer...wonderful food, colorful clothing, toe-tapping music...fabulous!

Click here for a little music to get you in the  spirit...here's to St. Patrick!

Colorful Gaelic kilts on littles and bigger folks!


Sweet furry faces!

Oh-so pretty clothing (I think I "need" one of these!)

Amazing dancing!

And this was so lovely...

take a minute to read some of the heartfelt wishes placed upon the tree...

Truly a fun family day...a taste of Ireland only an hour away. We can't wait to go back!


  1. Great photos really encapsulate the fun of St Patrick's Day!

  2. What a wonderful festival! Love the Irish woolen goods. I've been to Ireland (just once) and it was such an amazing trip to treasure always!


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