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Wednesday, January 10

pure silliness!

Here on the farm it's always something...as it is for everyone!

For a week the hot water line in the kitchen has been frozen, with temperatures -12 a couple of mornings it was no surprise. I truly don't think there's any insulation in this 154-year old kitchen (hint, hint, total renovation is on my mind!) We always keep faucets dripping and a space heater blowing warm air on the lines to try and stave off the inevitable as long as possible. A couple of years ago we had a low of -28...yep, I found my vanilla extract in the cupboard partially frozen!  (About that renovation...hop on over to my Pinterest board for some of the ideas on my wish list!)

Source: Here

Source: Here

Okay...back to reality!

And so for a week I've been boiling water to wash dishes. Now, as much as I love the idea of a Little House on the Prairie lifestyle, this was getting a bit old, and Monday, much to my delight, the hot water lines thawed, yay!

However; it was a short-lived victory. Last night I could hear, then see, water coming out from under the dishwasher. It's happened before...when the lines finally do thaw, we know that the dishwasher lines have taken all the stress they can and finally they burst.

Well, hubby can reroute water away from the dishwasher leak...I think we'll just wait until spring for the repair. Our forecast for the weekend is several inches of snow and temps below zero again...and so it goes!

Anyway, in all the ups & downs I wanted to share this snowglobe link...it was popular a few years ago and I thought it had vanished off the internet (I should know better).  It made me laugh then, and still does...just what I needed!  Hope you enjoy it too...remember to left click and hold on your mouse, then shake the mouse to see what happens.  

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. My husband was at his mother's house doing just the very same thing - her pipes froze too. Her house isn't near as old as yours, but it has been just as cold. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks for coming by! Sorry to hear about the frozen pipes...it really is a problem when everything's on the outside walls. I hope they're running again soon. Keep warm and enjoy some "hibernation" time...I loved your ideas about refueling this month...perfect!


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