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Thursday, December 1

happy December!

It's that time of year...

Start today...this very minute, because the month will fly by!

-put up the tree early...play music, sing loudly...no one cares if we're off key!

-be an elf...deliver secret goodies to friends & neighbors, knock and then run!

-bake oodles of cookies, every shape, size, and kind...
tuck them in pretty bowls or baskets;
just right for teachers, school bus drivers, or the mailman
(or mail lady in our case...have I told you her name is Betsy Ross? How cute!)

-make snowmen and snow angels, and REAL hot chocolate!
-have a movie marathon (best if you stay in your jammies all day!)

-whip up home-baked dog and kitty treats and fill bird feeders to overflowing.

-sit by the fire, light candles, watch the snow fall, read, knit or crochet, dream...

-bundle up and walk around the town square to see the festive shop windows.

-invite  your best girlfriends over for lunch and catch-up on all the holiday plans.

-write holiday letters...real letters, handwritten in cursive!

Have fun, hold hands, laugh, make memories...

Be An Elf!

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