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Monday, December 19

readying for Christmas...

The scent of gingerbread and balsam, the excitement of secret surprises, and visits with friends are all part of the joy of the holiday season. 

December is a month of activity...

Our daughter's performance in The Nutcracker ballet has just wrapped up...

As have orchestra and band concerts...

Now, while we count down to Christmas, let's take time to slow down and gather together. Soon we will be standing at the start of a new year, ready for renewal and hope.

But for now, let's remember the simple pleasures...hanging stockings, walking around the town square, reading by a crackling fire, and watching our favorite old movies.

Ready for Christmas?



  1. Merry Christmas. Christmas can be stressful so yes, lets' remember the simple pleasures.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes...and Merry Christmas to you, too! In this sometimes frenzied world, we need to remember Christmas is not a competition (I read a great post with terrific ideas to inspire me to slow down: http://www.farmgirlbloggers.com/11023#more-11023) As Rebekah says, "Let's all. JUST. STOP." It's time to pull focus...time flies!

  2. So true and important! Thanks for sharing and I wish you a very blessed Christmas with much happiness for you and your family!

    1. Always a joy to have you stop by and to see your lovely photos! I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas...enjoy all the fun!


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