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Thursday, January 23

the weather outside is frightful!

Snowy days of quiet beauty...that's how I like my winters. I've always thought this season was lovely with her drifting, swirling snowflakes and sharp, clear, brilliant blue skies.

I've been firm in my belief that winter should last from Thanksgiving to the end of February. During those many evenings you would find me in a comfy wing chair pulled close to a crackling fire, sipping chocolaty cocoa, while I read a favorite book or work on my knitting. I may even drift off to sleep...

Snap out of it!

Winter on the farm doesn't mean evenings like this can't happen...they do, but only after several trips out to the coop and barns in the ferocious, howling wind. (Can I mention "in and out" repeatedly throughout the day?)

When it's this cold, a trip to the coop starts our day...is it warm enough? Is the heated waterer still working? The girls scramble to greet me knowing they'll get a treat of warm oatmeal on days like this. Once we're sure they're tucked in, it's off to the goat barn. This is the kids' first winter...are they snuggled into the straw keeping warm? Do they still have hay and sweet mix, or do they need more water in their heated bucket? 

Look at these faces...how can I not worry?

I wonder about the bees as I pass by, but there's nothing more I can do for them. In late fall the hive was wrapped and surrounded by bales of straw...I'll just have to wait for a warm day to see how they've braved the snowstorms.

It was 4 degrees when I drove the kids to school this morning (they're thrilled about a week filled with 2-hour delays!). Tomorrow calls for 3 to 6 inches of snow, and next Monday the forecast is for -13...brrr. Paired with strong winds, that makes for many bone-chilling trips outside.

And yet, while I do my fair share of complaining, when I come inside, there's warmth to be found. Today it was found in home-baked cookies and giggling kids...tomorrow it'll be something new.

So now, at day's end, as I write I'm listening to the rising wind and pausing often.

Yes...life is good.


  1. While your winters create work, it sounds like perfection. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words...coming back inside is worth all the outside teeth chattering! Today is a snow day from school, and it's been a movie-marathon day for me and the kids. The weather radio just came on telling us it'll be 0 to 5 for a high temperature tomorrow...they're telling us "to use common sense!" Ha, ha!


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