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Thursday, January 16

does anyone actually enjoy taking down the Christmas tree?

I've asked the question before, so I already know the answer...yes, there are some folks who are ready December 26th to pack up the holiday finery and get back to "normal."

I am not one of them.

Our tree usually stays put until the middle of January...luckily for us, we always bring home a Concolor or Frasier fir tree. They do a terrific job of keeping their needles soft (as well as staying put on the tree!) for several weeks...I highly recommend them.

However; by mid-January it's time to try and stir up some enthusiasm for undecorating something that was so much fun to decorate 6 weeks earlier.

It seems that part of the trouble are the memories tied up with each and every ornament...
for me, there's just something a bit sad about packing them away. 

Some ornaments, like these, are handmade and heartfelt...made by the kids, or given to us by dear friends.

Others ornaments stir up memories...the cheery yellow school buses declaring "my first day of school", a glittering seahorse brought back from a vacation to Assateague Island (we'll always remember the ghost crabs!), and precious little footprints from the kids' first Christmases.

January seems to find itself always facing two directions...looking forward, yet reflecting on the past. After this week, when the decorations are again packed safely away in the old trunk which sits in a cozy corner, there's time to think about days gone by and days to come. 

2014 is a clean slate...a brand new year waiting to be filled.
What will we do with it?
What will we change or improve?

My hopes for this year...

It's a time to consider what we will do with the days ahead...one thing is for certain - just how many sweet memories and happy days fill this year, is entirely up to us. 

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