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Monday, January 27

snapshots of winter...

The winter wonderland outside our doors:

barns and milkhouse hardly visible...

somewhere out there are tire swings...

and chairs.

Left behind are pretty drifts...

and one goat who was curious enough to take a look...Glowbug!


  1. Love the photos especially Glowbug's adorable face. Keep warm. Spring is just around the corner. . . at least that's what I'm telling myself. It's eleven degrees outside here in Massachusetts, but we're getting used to it. :-)

    1. Hi Janice...you're right, getting used to it is the best thing we can do...and dream of spring! Glowbug was the first goat willing to take a long look outside...the others took a few steps out into the snow, but not for long! -Mary

  2. Gorgeous photos! That first photo made me think of a farm I lived at in Maine. In fact, I almost thought it was until I realized you were from the midwest. That sweet little goat face is precious!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Darlene (from me and Glowbug!) A blast of snow came up suddenly and I had to capture it to remember this winter. Ooooh, Maine...visiting New England is on my wish-list!


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