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Thursday, August 1

a lucky find...

I can't remember the last time I found one of these...

 I'm sure I was just a kid...
I have one pressed between the pages
of a favorite book from "way back when"  titled,
"All Creatures Great and Small" by James Herriot.

Did you ever read it? I was in love with the stories 
of the English countryside...it made me want to move 
to the Yorkshire Dales and become a vet.

I had simply glanced down, and amid a patch of green, 
this single clover seemed to stand out.

I've read they're quite rare...
in fact, it's said for every 10,000, 3-leaf clovers you see, 
you will find only one, 4-leaf clover.

I wonder what good luck it could be bringing?
We'll have to wait and see...for now, it's tucked between sheets
of an aging text, waiting to join the one saved from long ago.

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