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Monday, July 22

summer in the country...snapshots from the last week.

Even though we have our own garden, it's fun to see what goodies arrive in our weekly CSA box. It comes from the nicest family farm not far from home. (Oh...and they have goats, too!) Everything comes freshly-washed, neatly trimmed, and packed in a sturdy poplar box...
this family works hard, and it shows.

We were blessed last weekend to "goat-sit" this adorable 2 week-old sweetie!
His name is GB (short for Goat Boy) and it was a weekend to remember as we all took
turns bottle feeding him. 

(Why yes...we are hoping he's for sale in the near future. Cindy, are you reading this?!)

Capturing a summertime rainbow over the chicken coop.

Happy Monday, friends!

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