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Thursday, August 8

the summer has flown by...

Time flies, as the old saying goes, and boy did this summer fly by. The kids are back in school in just a couple short weeks, and now is the time for gathering school supplies and shopping with Grandma for new clothes. Grandma loves to shop...good thing, I'm not a big shopper (unless it's a flea market, nursery, or antique store!)

Here's a few snapshots of what the kids did all summer...

Speaking of Grandma, here she is with both kids after a performance at the school for mime theatre...a fun 3-week class they also took last summer. Don't let the name fool you, these mimes are nothing like the ones from the past...what they do is amazing!

Below is Sweet Girl preparing for a ballet recital. The picture was blurry, but somehow, I still loved it. (Oh my, adding makeup for the performance makes her look much more grown-up than her 12 years!)

Little Man had his first piano recital...we were so proud of him!

From where we were sitting, I could see his reflection in the piano...

Guess who was a featured dancer in one of our very favorite musicals The Music ManCommunity theatre in a small town is such fun!

Soon, it was county fair time...oh, the food, the rides, the animals! Little Man did terrific his first official year in 4-H! He was first for this age in the Skill-a-thon, first in Showmanship, and first in Halter. Does he look surprised?!

Sweet Girl did a super job, too...first place for her age in the Skill-a-thon, 2nd in halter, and she brought home a first place ribbon and Best of Show for her mixed-media artwork! Both of them snagged first for their famous chocolate chip cookies in the culinary judging...what a fun fair!

And so now what do we do to top all this? Well, definitely a little breather is in order...it's been a face-paced, and fun-filled summer. Time for a little R& R.

Oh, our next project?

Here's a little clue...

remember this fella?


  1. Aw, what a fun summer you all had! The kids are cuties and awesome, you should be very proud of them!

    Relax a little before school starts... we start next week. =[

  2. Next week? Oh, that's way too soon! What happened to the good old days when we started after Labor Day? Hope your summer was a good one!


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