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Thursday, December 27

Christmas cheer...

Holiday homecomings and gifts from the heart have certainly taken the chill out
of the winter winds.

Nearly 8 inches of snow fell in our part of the Midwest yesterday, which made staying at home the best option! With heads bowed against the sleet and icy air, we hurried to complete our outdoor errands, then brushed the snow from our boots and coats, ready to settle back inside.

However; it seems the kids don't feel the wintry chill at all. They had no trouble bundling up, going sledding, and tossing snowballs! Eventually they came back in, rosy-cheeked and smiling, ready for some hot chocolate.

And so, while winter is here, and we are lucky enough to have the magic of a country Christmas, here are a few glimpses of the farm under the spell of a winter snowfall.

Home is truly the heart of the holidays...

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