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Monday, December 10

Advent jar...

Shops around the town square are readying for Christmas. Windows are now filled a rich blend of both traditional and vintage trees. Some trees boast cheery red bows, snowbirds, and sparkly lights while others are hot pink, flocked white, or vintage silver...each bringing back sweet memories in their own way.

Temperatures the last few days were in the 60's and rainy...not exactly the type of weather that brings Christmas cheer. However, one night the rain stopped, the temperatures fell and I woke up to find the truck doors had frozen closed. Luckily, with a little effort, I was able to open the passenger's side door and climb over to the driver's side. Soon the truck was warm and ready to take kids to school. And so it goes...December is a month of surprises indeed...not the least of which, is what weather we'll wake up to.

Like so many we have familiar traditions...a movie basket filled with old favorites, an Advent calendar with pockets hiding a daily chocolate treat, and a stack of well-loved books filled with Christmas stories and poems. Each night we settle in before bedtime to read from a lovely hand-made Advent calendar shared by a dear friend.

This year I wanted to add a little something new to our holiday traditions. Often with the hustle & bustle of the season...school parties, get-togethers with friends, concerts, & church gatherings, simple family time can get lost in the shuffle. So keeping the idea simple, I jotted down 24 ideas of things to do together. They range from playing a board game to building a gingerbread barn, making "real" hot chocolate and popping corn the old-fashioned way.  
Tucked inside a vintage green jar, one slip is pulled out each day to see what the surprise is in store for us.

Time flies...and I'm hoping to create some fond remembrances for our family. As the saying goes, "We're never too young or too old to store up memories."

Please share some of the traditions you enjoyed growing up, or what you've done to celebrate Christmas as a family. I'm sure you'll inspire new ideas for us!

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