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Saturday, December 22

an early Christmas present...

I know everyone is so busy...I'll keep this short. I received an early Christmas present and just had to share. 

A while ago my mom passed along a catalog from Americana Floorcloths (find them by clicking hereand told me to choose one for my birthday...yay!  

Oh my...the catalog is filled with lovely floorcloths in a variety of designs and colors. There were so many patterns I fell in love with, but an especially pretty red floorcloth kept catching my eye. It was my dream farm...sheep, dairy cattle, pretty red saltbox on a hill...ahhh. 

And so I placed an order...Jennifer Frantz, the artist, was terrific as we emailed back & forth with my questions and her answers. 


Now, her artwork is in our kitchen, just in time for Christmas...it looks so pretty. I love the idea that it's made by hand, just for me. And with winter's first snowfall, a crackling fire while we bake cookies, and kids who just couldn't be more excited, I'm a pretty happy gal!

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