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Tuesday, July 31

there's nothing like a day at the fair!

Sun-drenched, but with welcome relief from the heat & haze of recent days, Saturday morning had finally arrived. What made this day special? Well, Sweet Girl and her llama spent the day at the county fair! (And when I say day, I do mean day!)

An early arrival to set-up the arena and unload llamas began at 8:30 a.m. Pens were in place, and soon each was filled with straw, topped with mats, and water buckets filled. There was excitement as 4-H kids were busily taking time to look over their llamas and giving each a quick last-minute grooming. Soon it was time to change into the expected black & white dress for showmanship, halter, pack, and obstacle course testing.

Before we knew it, 7 hours had passed until the judging was complete! And while it was certainly a long day (rest assured we enjoyed lots of the best fair food in-between events!)
our family had a really good time.

Way to go Sweet Girl...definitely a picture for the scrapbook!

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