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Saturday, July 21


Travelers, there is no path.
Paths are made by walking.
-Antonio Machado

Here's the path we're walking lately...learning about llamas!

Who knew you could "lease a llama" for 4-H?!

The kids have been crazy about llamas for quite some time, so we joined a 4-H club that's also a llama farm. The farm allows 4-H kids to take care of a llama, learn about him/her, and train together for the fair.

While Little Man is too young to "officially" be a part of 4-H, he's tagging along as Sweet Girl has been hard at work learning to sheer and groom her llama, practicing on obstacle courses, and prepping for showmanship.

The fun of fair week begins next Saturday!


  1. We had llamas here for four years... I'm so glad your kids are learning the "fun of llamas!". Nice people to do that for the 4H kids!

    1. I couldn't agree more...the 4-H advisers are really kind to open up their farm & share their love of llamas with the kids. We visit their farm a few days each week to learn more and lend a hand with chores...it's been a great experience.

  2. Good Luck, have a friend near by that purchased her first tow llamas at a auction and she has been full steam ahead!!

  3. Thanks for the good luck wishes! We're all excited to see how this first year at the fair goes...and I'm anxious to learn more about spinning their fleece!

  4. Wonderful! That's how we started in llamas almost seven years ago!

    1. Teri, your blog has such pretty photos, and a sweet story of how it all began. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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