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Tuesday, July 24

the dog days of summer...

The recent weeks here in the Midwest have been hot & hazy, with only an occasional breeze that teases us into thinking it might stay, or better yet, bring with it much-needed rain. However; all too soon the breeze is gone, and the stretch of rainless days continues.

Many mornings have been overcast, which is a blessing as chores have been done early to beat as much heat as possible. Summertime has certainly settled in, and trying to keep cool has become a daily adventure.

Today; however, we were surprised with welcome breezes from the north. And while they teased us as they came and went throughout the day, they settled in and stayed for the evening.

So, as I found myself relaxing in one of those springy, vintage-y chairs (to me there's nothing better!) I decided I'd take a few snapshots to share. 

Here's a little walk around the farm in late July...

The honey bees & birds often visit the fountain I was gifted with for Mothers' Day.
I love it too...it's so nice to relax to the sound of water.
A gift from my mom, this wind chime makes me giggle!
A close-up peek...I think she's just too cute!
This spring we moved the cold frames from beside the garden to  behind the chicken coop...
the girls love getting fresh lettuce each morning!
It seems the herbs are about the only ones flourishing in this summer heat. Soon it'll be time to make herb vinegars.
This funnel-topped birdhouse always reminds me of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz!
And so it's true...while we may be found complaining about the summer heat, there are certainly summertime joys to be found...

the taste of a just-picked tomato
fragrant herbs for homemade vinegars
slices of juicy watermelon
frosty glasses of lemonade
fresh corn-on-the-cob topped with real butter
and the best-ever homemade ice cream

Yes...there are many summertime delights.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the stroll around the farm.

  2. It is easy in the heat of the summer to miss out on the many blessings that surround us. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. It's just too hot for me ladies, but that summer breeze was a blessing indeed! Sometimes we need a little reminder that although the chores need doing no matter what the weather, "There's more to life than increasing its speed."

  4. Nice little details folks around your farm, I like! Richard from Amish Stories


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