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Monday, January 2

sweet surprises...

In our part of the Midwest, we're getting our first good snowfall today...it's beautiful and the kids couldn't be more excited!

A few minutes ago I went to the coop to see if the "girls" were keeping warm & dry. Sure, the coop looks pretty in the snow, but look a little closer...

do you see the message on the nest boxes?

That Little Man is a sweetie!


  1. Your coop looks pretty in ANY kind of weather! However, I do like the nice sweet and special touch added in the snow ;) Beautiful! Happy New Year! -Tammy

  2. Aw, that is sweet. And the coop really does look cozy warm.

  3. Aww... so beautiful... all of it! Happy new Year!

  4. Serious coop envy!! I can't show my chickens this - they will revolt. ; -)

  5. Welcome to the new year, and i look forward to many more trips to your blog as well. Richard

  6. How Cute!....the coop is cute too ;) We had a skiff of snow back in November I think it was and nothing since then although it looks as though we have a slight chance next Tuesday. But this is Kansas! Have a wonderful 2012 X
    Maura :)


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