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Friday, January 13

let it snow!

Oh how this Santa makes me smile! With his basket of eggs and a happy hen on his arm,
I'm not sure I can tuck him away with all the other Christmas decorations!

We're getting our first "real" snowfall today!  Yay! It's a chilly 13 degrees and there's a blast of 24-mph wind blowing across the open fields. And while perhaps not the most fashionable, I was warm & cozy bundled up in a heavy-duty Carhartt coat for an early-morning critter check. Cats were curled up in the barn and chickens were last seen enjoying a bowl of warm mash. Our trusty farm dog ventured out; however, then decided it was best to go back to bed.

Today is also our first snow-day from school, and the kids couldn't be more excited! The plans for our day include homemade cookies, board games, a movie marathon, and of course, staying in their jammies all day.

We'll also celebrate hubby's birthday today...we'll be wrapping presents and making plans for a special dinner. Pshaw! Friday the 13th is lucky around here...what a great beginning to the long weekend!

So we're sending you warm wishes on this frosty Friday morning...enjoy every minute!


  1. enjoy your snow day. we got 6" of the powdery white stuff yesterday!

    1. Oh 6 inches of snow sounds great...wish we had that much! Our snowfall was only a couple inches, but oh the wind was strong, and the temperature went down to 10 degrees. Brrr!

  2. Still no snow my way yet, but i know its coming. Richard


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