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Wednesday, January 11

let's do the math...

    6  happy hens
x     1  egg per hen =
6 eggs a day

You've heard me say it before, when this past November we had a daily egg count of 13.
Hmmm, I'm keeping the math simple...there are only 6 hens, so how did I find 12 eggs
in the nestboxes yesterday?

Obvious questions to ask...

-Yes, we're collecting eggs daily.
-No, our nearest neighbors are not the prankster sort.
-Yes, the kids are at school all day, so that rules them out.

Not that I'm complaining...I'm just surprised/confused/pondering the possibilities. When most of my friends are telling me their girls are laying less during these chilly days of winter, we have a day when our hens are laying 2 eggs each (or so it would appear.)

I'm suspecting these girls are smarter than we thought...


  1. Hmmm. We've never had THAT happen. I guess it's a good problem to have.

  2. We often have that happy problem too, lucky us huh?! We must feed the girls well!

    1. You're right, Carly...we ARE lucky! Maybe it's the warm mash I'm feeding them on these frosty mornings. Thanks for dropping by!


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