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Wednesday, January 11

let's do the math...

    6  happy hens
x     1  egg per hen =
6 eggs a day

You've heard me say it before, when this past November we had a daily egg count of 13.
Hmmm, I'm keeping the math simple...there are only 6 hens, so how did I find 12 eggs
in the nestboxes yesterday?

Obvious questions to ask...

-Yes, we're collecting eggs daily.
-No, our nearest neighbors are not the prankster sort.
-Yes, the kids are at school all day, so that rules them out.

Not that I'm complaining...I'm just surprised/confused/pondering the possibilities. When most of my friends are telling me their girls are laying less during these chilly days of winter, we have a day when our hens are laying 2 eggs each (or so it would appear.)

I'm suspecting these girls are smarter than we thought...

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